A game of chance

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I confess, I like to watch romantic comedies at times. Haha. Recently I watched “Love Wedding Repeat” (thank you Netflix binge watching?). It was a nice and easy watch. Loved this part between Bryan and Jack. A game of chance, oh it really is. 🎴

Learning Snapshot 0.04

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.03. Mobility & flow training: I’m still really feeling the lightness of being 🕉️. I dropped caterpillar walks and mule kicks. Started to add weight training, with a different mindset. It’s quite a contradictory mindset but one of calmness and relaxation. And to add, I focus on connecting with my body […]

When will we be able to travel (freely) again with Covid-19?

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I remember when we first started hearing about Covid-19 in January and February. At that time we wanted to analyse the potential implications of Covid-19 with with our businesses that operate in the hotel, travel and entertainment industry. We had two scenarios that it would 1, Blow over in a couple of months and we […]

People are energy

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People are energy. (We are all vibrations and frequencies.) It took me too damn long to figure that out. They either power you up or drain energy from you. It follows on my “A” Players post and the importance of surrounding yourself with A Players. Have you ever spent time with someone and after felt […]

Learning Snapshot 0.03

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.02. Mobility & flow training: Still at it 🥋. Loving caterpillar walks and mule kicks. I’m really feeling the lightness of being. Bayesian Statistics: Errr… I need to get on this. I’ve been slacking and not focussed on finishing “Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way”. Reading: Just finished reading, The Art of Currency […]

Learning Snapshot 0.02

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Following up from my Learn Snapshot 0.01. Mobility & flow training: Loving it. As my previous post Calli-sthen-ics flow, I do morning energy / chi exercises, afternoon movements and night time stretching and mobility. I will keep at it and see where it takes me. I don’t feel the urge to go to the gym […]

Calli-sthen-ics flow

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My calli-sthen-ics flow. I love the origin of the word, I discovered the origin recently. Originating from the Greek language, with “kallos” meaning “beauty” and “sthenos” meaning “strength” and -ics (which is English). How wonderful is that. Progress from the Learning Snapshot 0.01 and Mobility & Flow Training: Daily mobility & flow routine: I have […]

Predictions x 2020

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I have other predictions noted away but I’ll post these for now. Here are some plays that I see coming. The predictions are purely opinions on potential outcomes and changes in the future. Remember the future is a point that is always changing, the information field is continuously flowing and there is a wide range […]

Celebrate life every damn day

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Gratitude. Be grateful, that’s what they tell you. As much as I understand the concept of gratitude, it never really hit me out of my ‘in the funk’ mind. I tried writing gratitude lists, using grateful journals and for whatever reason gratitude never really moved me. I also realised part of me was operating with […]

Listening to the uni-verse

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It was a 5 minute timer for the meditation and my mind was getting agitated. And a message came in… and it said… “listen“. I didn’t quite understand as, that’s what I thought I have been doing. Listening. During the meditation, I started to visualise everything around me in frequencies vibrating with different fields. A […]